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Oil and Gas Happy Hour

Does your company offer poducts or services that will create competitive advantages in the oil and gas industry? Do you want to let the industry know who you are and what you have to offer?
The long awaited recovery oil and gas market is well underway, with new and major projects are about to getting the go ahead.You need to understand not only how the industry works but also how your business can capitalize on the opportunities ahead. The Oil and Gas Happy Hour will connect you with other oil and gas professionals, enhance your industry knowledge, and inspire you to take advantage of the opportunities and grow your business in oil and gas industry in new and lucrative ways.

Who Should Attend the Oil and Gas Happy Hour?

The Oil and Gas Happy Hour is for anyone who want to speed up their career advancement. This is forum the people looking to interact with stakeholders in the oil and gas, make new connection and expand their contact books. with people in the oil and gas industry in a very relaxed environment. For companies who want to increase the visibility of their brand, products and services. For entrepreneurs who want... to maintain awareness on what is going in the industry, so they align their business direction and build required capability to take advantages on the opportunities in current and upcoming oil and gas project. After all, the oil and gas industry is an industry run by engineers, geologists, accountants, human resources managers, lawyers, procurement and logistics officers etc. And there is no successful oil and gas operation without the help of supportive services such as clearing and forwarding services, IT and telecommunication, banking, insurance and auditing services, logistics, transportation and environment services, maintenance, construction and fabrication services, MRO supplies such as fuel, spare parts etc. So, whatever you have been doing all your life, you can do it in the oil and gas industry and at very good rates.

Why You Should Attend

1.Brand awareness. In today’s competitive environment maintain your or your company ‘s visibility is vital to economic survival. Attending oil and gas happy hour will allow you to leverage the group of oil and gas professionals to manage your brand, maintain and maximize awareness of your company, products or services. 2.Lead Generation- Oil and gas happy hour connect you with other industry professionals which provides excellent opportunity to showcase your products or services to the group of oil and gas professionals for business development. 3;Extend Your Knowledge. You need not only to understand how the industry works but also how you can capitalize on the opportunities abound the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas will enhance your knowledge of the oil and gas business and inspire you to take advantages of the opportunities in the oil and gas industry in new and lucrative ways. 4.face to face engagement: Oil and gas happy hour is a powerful platform to establish face to face interaction, engage and help to attract young generation into your great organization. It also an opportunity to discover and engage with partners and business suppliers who can support your objectives which surrounded, safety and health and environmental regulatory compliance, quality and cost competitive, ability to meet schedule and ethical business practice ...

Schedule and Location
We will meet at the prestigious Best Western CBD Hotel,Nkurumah street, Dar es salaam on 16th August, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.
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  • Engr. Modestus Lumato
  • Engr. Charles Omujuni