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Oil and Gas Happy Hour

The event provides a platform for stakeholders related to the oil and gas industry to connect with existing and new business partners, expand their network and increased knowledge sharing for operational excellences, cost effectiveness and profitability and drive the advancement of the East African oil and gas sector development .

Who Should Attend the Oil and Gas Happy Hour?

The Oil and Gas Happy Hour is to facilitate the social and business interaction of all and sundry who want to make substantial progress in the oil and gas industry... .

Why You Can't Miss The Event

1.Register to network with awesome stakeholders related to the oil and gas industry that are looking for partners to help them get most of their business operation through operational excellence,cost effectiveness and profitability. 2.Attend to learn a new aspects of the oil and gas industry for career and business development 3.Register to gain Instant Visibility: The platform gives you instant visibility and use the network to introduce and promote your company business. Position yourself and let others know your contribution to help you expand your business footprint. 4.Attend to evaluate opportunities in the industry so as you align your business direction and take advantages on the opportunities in current and upcoming oil and gas project 5.Having Fun:   Enjoy delicious foods,all packaged to ensure maximum networking and interaction with stakeholders related to the oil and gas industry. ...

Schedule and Location
We will meet at the prestigious Best Western CBD Hotel,Nkurumah street, Dar es salaam on 23rd August, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
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Come sit at a round table with influencers and stakeholders in the oil, gas and energy sector.

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  • Engr. Charles Jimmy Sangweni
    Acting Director-General, Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA)
  • Engr. Modestus Lumato
    Production Manager,Directorate of Upstream Operations,Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC)
  • Engr. Charles Omujuni
    Director Natural Gas Resources,Energy Water Utilities Regulatory Authorises (EWURA)


Sudesh Dewar

I have had the pleasure to attend the very first oil and gas happy hour in Tanzania. I must say that it was a great initiative by you to bring together all companies related to oil and gas, and provide everyone a window of opportunity to interact and tap potential business. It’s a perfect platform being created where the international companies get a chance to work with local entities on a WIN WIN basis. I expect many more of such events organized by you in time to come.

Sudesh Dewar,
Managing Director, Demps Offshore Services.

Lumuli Gwakisa

I was very pleased to attend the first ever Oil and Gas Happy hour last year. Indeed, events of such kind pose great opportunities for social enjoyment and, more importantly, networking. I therefore find it to be of great honor to receive a second invite to the happy hour. I look forward to attend.

Lumuli Gwakisa,
Oil and Gas Advocate and Assistant Lecturer at Jordan University College.